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RE/MAX agents in Australia have a huge advantage within the industry. Not only do they have the flexibility to market themselves as they fit, they are also equipped with the latest tools and technology to achieve this. Whether you are a digital native or yet to buy a smart phone, RE/MAX Australia provides tailored training throughout the year to suit your needs.

Design Centre

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The RE/MAX Design Centre offers members access to high-quality, customisable marketing pieces at no additional cost. Design Centre currently houses over 1300 professionally designed templates. The service offers hundreds of materials, specifically branded for RE/MAX in both print and electronic versions. Using this amazing platform, agents can easily and effectively create professional marketing collateral which they can then effortlessly distribute via print, web, email or on their social networks. Documents available through the Design Centre include:



Print Newsletters

e-Newsletters Postcards

Property Cards

Web commercials

Virtual tours

Slide shows


CD/DVD packing and more...

RE/MAX Mainstreet

RE/MAX Mainstreet is our custom built internal website for members only and has been developed to allow agents to network with each other, send and receive referrals, update their profiles, exchange ideas, download marketing collateral, and much, much more. The site encourages agents to share knowledge and experience, allowing RE/MAX to continue to achieve high levels of success and client satisfaction.

RE/MAX Global Training Website

Exclusive to RE/MAX members, this website offers shared training from the all over the world. Documents, videos, webinars, forums, networking & referral opportunities and much much more are yours to utilise 24/7. No other real estate company can offer the depth of knowledge available from so many locations around the world.

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